The TL;DR version is: Acomplix is an agile SEO and content marketing agency for small and mid-sized businesses.

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, here’s some more information about us that these 14 words don’t cover.

Acomplix is a small team of like-minded and knowledge-hungry individuals who don’t settle for average. In everything we do, we dig deeper to learn how we can accomplish more with less and how to create processes to replicate successful practices.

This philosophy is the reason we started Acomplix in July of 2022.

The name Acomplix also reflects our core business values

We want to accomplish more. We break down complex concepts into manageable steps. And we’d be happy to be your accomplices in business success.

We recognized that SEO and content marketing nowadays have to go hand in hand and serve a broader business strategy to succeed. This is especially true for early-stage, small businesses with no money to waste and lots of room to grow.


At the same time, businesses need to be agile and quickly respond to changes in the market without burning money on monolithic strategies that may or may not work by the time they’re executed.

After all, your business grows, your customers evolve, and search engines throw us some new challenges every day. 

With years-long experience and educational background in linguistics, SEO and content marketing, project management, and customer support, we approach SEO from a unique and agile standpoint.

Our business relationship with clients rests on three pillars:

  • Understanding your business goals
  • Learning as much as we can about your customers
  • Translating these insights into strategies that ensure long-term success.

At the end of the day, we don’t want you to just boast top spots in search engines and astronomic numbers of shares—we want these numbers to underline real revenue and deals.
Therefore, our ideal clients are people who understand that SEO and content marketing are instruments serving an ultimate goal—building up the business.

If that’s you, we’d love to chat.


Feel free to ask us anything through our contact page or email.


We’re looking forward to meeting you!


These are the experts you’ll be talking to:


Igor Dugalic

Business consultant and co-founder of Acomplix, Agile enthusiast with a strong technical background. Spent years in customer service and raising a startup fulfilling different roles and learning how to focus on the right things.Now I coach and consult business owners on how to adopt an Agile and Lean mindset and focus on value drivers, while also reducing waste and automating recurring and monotonous tasks.

About me

Ivana Maric Dugalic

CEO and co-founder of Acomplix, content aficionado, language nerd. Got my Masters in German and English translation, spent years in customer service, and honed the art and craft of content marketing.Now I help businesses use content to create meaningful connections and exceptional experiences for their customers.

About me
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